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Other diseases

- An example with a major influence of (infection) diseases is: 'neonatal rubella'. The hands of these children are frequently featured with a combination of various characteristics: the Sydney line (see figure B-6 on the preceding page), the simian crease (10%), a high axial triradius (25%), and a high number of whorls, and radial loops (on other fingers than the index finger1.

- An example of a syndrome which develops as the result of using drugs is: ''fetal alcohol syndrome'. This syndrome is frequently featured by a simian crease combined with asymmetric dermatoglyphics: a large number of variations is observed among the dermatoglyphics of both hands2-3.

- Exogen influences manifest after the birth of the child. Dependent on the genetic features of an individual, exogen influences can manifest in dramatic results such as: a disease or a developmental disorder. Because the analysis of the genetic features of an individual is a very complicated matter, the dermatoglyphics can frequently provide a clue on the cause of a disease or developmental disorder.

- Over the years success-stories have been reported on a large number of (auto)immune diseases. various studies have reported a large percentage of dermatoglyphic abnormalities regarding: various types of cander, reumatoide arthritis, multipe sclerosis, and diabetic type 1.

- Various infection diseases are featured with a statistical large number of dermatoglyphic abnormalities. Important exaples of these diseases are: leukemia, epilepsy, neonatal rubella, and schizophrenia. The next paragraph of this course will e.g. inform you about the dermatoglyphic features which are frequently observed in the hands of people suffering from schizophrenia.

- Finally one should also be informed about the fact that other specific medical diseases can be featured with statistical dermatoglyphic abnormalities Examples of these diseases are: alcoholism, idiopathic hypertension and various heart problems.

- Sources:

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