- Hand Reading Course (19/33): PSYCHIATRY -

- LEVEL 3: The palmar lines and schizophrenia.

- So far a sample of 5 research studies focussed on the relationship between the lines of the hand and schizophrenia:

- The oldest studie was executed in 1924 at the Colombia University in New York. Elizabeth Wilson1 observed that the hands schizophrenics show (slightly) more abnormalities in the head line and heart line compared to the hands of normal people (controls). The data of Wolff's study 2 confirms this observation. And many years later Haft Pomrock & Ginath3 observed that the 'quality' of especially the head line (and the heart line + life line as well) is usually much lower in the hands of people who suffer on schizophrenia - compared to the hands normal people (non-schizophrenics).

- In the earlier mentioned twin study executed by Bracha4, the researchers noticed that the hands of the schizophrenic twin-halfs show much more frequently an interruption in the head line or the heart line: see figure C-6. Table C-5 presents an indication for the predictive value of these hand features.

- Table C-5: the predictive reliability of 2 features of the lines.
- ------ Indicator -------------------------------- %
- 1---- Interruption in head line--------- 78.0 %
- 2---- Interruption in heart line--------- 71.0 %
- % = the number of correct predictions
- compared to the total number of predictions.

- Figure C-6: example of an interruption
in the heart line.

- In Wolff's study 2 the simian line was observed in 15% of schizophrenics. In the hands of normal people (5%) and people with a mental disability (11%) the simian crease was observed less frequently.

- Wolff's studie 2 mentions also that in the hands of schizophrenics it is frequently (10%) hard to discriminate the primary creases (heart line, head line + life line) from the secondary creases. In the hands of normal people this phenomenon is noticed rarely.

- Sources:

- 1 - Wilson, E. Mental abnormality as related to hand-markings.. M.A. Thesis, Colombia University, New York, 1924.
- 2 - Wolff, Ch. The Hand in Psychological Diagnosis. Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, 1951.
- 3 - Haft-Pomrock, Y. & Ginath, Y. (1982). Differences between schizophrenics and normal controls using chirological (hand) testing. Isr. J. Psychiatry. Relat. Sci., vol.19; no.1, p.5-22.

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