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Publication: november 8, 2015

Hand Charts for Hypercalcemia!

Hypercalcemia or hypercalcaemia is an elevated calcium (Ca2+) level in the blood, usually caused by primary hyperparathyroidism and malignancy (with cancer often involved).

Prevalence: close to 1 in 4,000 people have hypercalcemia.

One rather superficial hand chart is available for hypercalcemia describing only 3 characteristics in the dermatoglyphics, involving: 1) small ulnar loop in hypothenar area, 2) distal loop in fourth interdigital zone, 3) increased atd angle - see picture below.

NOTICE: Individual hand features described below should not get associated in isolation with any theme; only combinations involving multiple hand levels have potential for diagnostic purposes.

Hand chart for hypercalcemia - Handbook of Clinical Dermatoglyphs (1971).
Hand chart source:
Handbook of Clinical Dermatoglyphs (1971), p.49;
authors: M.S. Elbualy & J.D. Schindeler

Other significant hand signs (not reported inside the hand charts):

The best known hand related symptoms that are highly suggestive of hypercalcemia are: hand- or finger weakness (11%), arm cramps or spasms (11%) & irregular appearing nails (11%); although none of these symptoms have specific high predictability for hypercalcemia (source: symcat.com).

Other hand signs incidently linked with hypercalcemia are: short hands with stubby fingers & clubbing of fingers.

[Notice: HYPOcalcemia (= low calcium level in the blood) is associated with cold hands, tingling hand, or 'pins and needles' sensations in the hands; in chronic HYPOcalcemia, dry skin, coarse hair, and brittle nails can be seen]

Case report: hands in patient with hypercalcemia (combined with acrodysostosis).
Case report: short hands + stubby fingers in a patient
with hypercalcemia (combined with acrodysostosis).

All significant hand signs listed above for hypercalcemia together cover five out of the nine perspectives of the hand as defined according Multi-Perspective Hand Reading (including hand level 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8).

A summary of the most significant hand sign combinations in hypercalcemia is described here:

Decoding the language of the hand:
hand sign combinations in hypercalcemia!

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