How can I kick the nail-biting habit?

Fingernails: nail biting habit!!!

Question - How can I kick the nail-biting habit?
Can you tell me how to stop biting my fingernails? I am going in the Army and they can fail me on my medical for personal hygiene if they are really bad. Nail biting is really very difficult to give up and Iíve never heard of a reliable cure. It's an automatic, often sub-conscious habit, driven by a strong compulsion that gets worse at times of stress. I don't think there is any medical evidence that supports a particular approach to treatment.

Solution for you nail biting habit:

Answer - One proposed method is a transparent nail paint that tastes very bitter. The idea is that the bitterness at least helps to make you aware of when your fingers are in your mouth. If you find the taste unpleasant, it might also act like a form of aversion therapy, putting you off the whole idea. I think your pharmacist will be able to give advice about the sort of products available. However, I can't help feeling that will power is the basic ingredient of success. Make a point of looking after jagged bits of nail with a file rather than your teeth. Try wearing gloves as much as possible for a week or two in order to get your nails started.

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