How to cure fungus nails at home!

Soaking the affected nail(s) with distilled vinegar kills off the fungus rather quickly. Apply daily after bathing and let the vinegar dry thoroughly before dressing. Apparently the fungus doesn't like the shift in pH that comes with the use of the vinegar. After a friend managed to get a fungus growing under her fingernails from a bad manicure I suggested using vinegar. The 'cure' only required about a week. Toenails, being thicker, seem to take a bit longer. If your toenail gets really thick and yellow, it is a form of fungus. Take a nail file and run it over the surface of the toenail. Rub it both horizontally and laterally to make uneven grooves in the top of the nail. Then rub Vick's Vapor Rub into the top of the toenail. The grooves will help keep the Vick's on the toenail. Do this for several days/nights in a row as often as you can. The Eucalyptus in the Vick's will kill the fungus on the nail faster than any store-bought anti-fungal available !

How are fungal nail infections usually treated?

Conventional treatment of fungal nail infections is expensive and long-term. Treatment may include topical preparations and/or oral anti-fungal medications. Nail fungus can be very stubborn to treat and people whose infection clears up often find that it returns soon after discontinuing the medication. Oral antifungals all have significant side-effects and interact with many other medications. Remember: Fungi love warm and moist environments to grow in. Tight footwear especially when used for exercising, provides an ideal breeding ground for fungi.

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