Fungus nails: how to treat these nails?

FUNGUS NAIL TREATMENT: Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. Medication is frequently a suitable solution for fungus nails. However, because the fungus grows slowly, it can be hard to eliminate. Anti-fungal medications are available to combat fungal infections; however, they are strong oral medications that must be taken consistently for months in order to be effective. The medications also have potential side effects to other body organs (especially the liver, skin and/or bone marrow). Doctors usually recommend treating fungal nail infections only when such infections cause secondary problems including pain, recurring ingrown toenails, or secondary bacterial infections of the nails or skin. In general: patients with liver or heart disease should not take these medications.

How effective are medications at curing the fungus?

The anti-fungal medications usually suppress the nail infection when taken as directed. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee a permanent cure. At least 1 in 5 patients, or 20 percent, will have a recurrence of the original nail infection at some time, making re-treatment with medication necessary. NOTICE: Some insurance companies require documentation of secondary problems beyond the mere presence of the fungal infection before they will cover the costs of the anti-fungal medications.

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