Multi-perspective hand reading!

- Major diagnostic themes: how to read hands? -

The concept of Multi-Perspective Hand Reading has been applied to some of the most important themes in the fields of the behavior- & medical sciences. Up-to-date detailed guidelines are presented below for various major diagnostic themes - which represent worldwide the most signficant psychological & medical conditions! More themes will become available later.


AGREEABLENESS (26 hand signs)


EXTRAVERSION (7 hand signs)

NEUROTICISM (12 hand signs)

OPENNESS (30 hand signs)


The Big Five personality dimensions: 10 charts!
Hand signs & General Factor of Personality!


SCHIZOPHRENIA (47 hand signs)


DIABETES MELLITUS (35 hand signs)

PSORIASIS (24 hand signs)



DOWN SYNDROME (32 hand signs)

FRAGILE-X SYNDROME (36 hand signs)

MARFAN SYNDROME (18 hand signs)

In the new diagnostic-section Scientific Hand Charts (featuring 25 diagnostic themes)
the no.1 rule in scientific hand reading is described as follows:

"Any hand sign only bares significance for a specific theme when it's presence is combined with the presence of other hand signs that also bare significance for that same theme."

TIP: This article represents a masterclass in scientific hand reading:

Decoding The Language of The Hand:
how to find 38 conditions with just 54 major hand signs!

Click HERE for the high resolution version of the table below, or ZOOM in on the table in order to explore all details.

Decoding the language of the hand: how to find 36 conditions with 54 major hand signs!

- More Hand Diagnosis -

Other diagnostic themes & the hand!

For various other hand reading themes some interesting research findings are available (more details will be added later):

Psychology: autism, depression & psychosis

Diseases: cancer & heart defects

Syndromes: achondroplasia

Biology: left-handedness & sex differences (male-female differences)

TIPS: Read more about: medical hand reading in clinical diagnosis, or you might want to use the Google powered HAND RESEARCH custom (presented at the HOME page) in order to find more hand research info for other hand reading themes!

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