10- years - handanalysis- research

- jan. 2005: call-up for follow-up program -

Left-handedness appears to be accompagnied with longer fingers on the left hand (and right-handedness with longer fingers on the right hand), check the present results at: specialization 3: left-handed .

PhD. Jan van Strien - an expert in the field of left-handedness - has acknowledged that the present results are very interesting, and left-handedness has not been associated with finger length yet. Therefore we have decided to start a follow-up research program:


Are you left-handed? Or is a member of your family left-handed?
And are you willing to participate in this follow-up program?

Please inform me via e-mail: e-mail!

(HERE you can read more about how
you can participate in this program)

- UPDATE April 2005 -
I have been able to continue this program
via the hands of 10 identical 'mirror-twins'