The following links present a guided tour around various websites on the World-Wide-Web, such as:

  • PalmReading PageRank: The TOP 50 of the most visited palmistry websites
  • The HANDRESEARCH Fingernail-Encyclopedia
  • The ABC of Alternative Health Care
  • Would you like to get a FREE on-line palm reading? (various options)
  • Phenomenal websites!!!
  • Practical medical websites! (very interesting for scientific minded people)
  • Recent PubMed publications
  • Some websites which include the names of professional handanalysts
  • And finally some partner websites

    Phenomenal websites!

    "Handreading Cyber Café" an international discussion forum
    Since october 1999 this forum is merely visited by professional handanalysts, researchers and psychologists. Emphasis is focussed on the exchange of experiences, information and insights. The forum has presented e.g. experiments focussed on doing research on: the VALIDITY of traditional handanalysis + the diagnostic potential of the hand.

    "Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC)", presented by: Arnold Holzman, Ph.D.
    The roots of the 'Psychodiagnostic chirology' were designed over 30 years ago. This handanalysis system is designed primairy for use by the professional behavioral specialist to be applied in his or her clinical work.
    In the section 'OVERVIEW' an experiment is presented - Laboratory Testing - which intends to illustrate the VALIDITY of this handanalysis system.

    "A History of Dermatoglyphics, Palmistry & Character Identity",
    auteur: Edward D. Campbell, JD.

    This very well documented article is e.g. focussed on discussing the tangent planes among on the one side the scientific knowledge about the dermatoglyphics, and on the other hand the descriptions which were presented worldwide in the traditional handanalysis literature.

    "The Simian Line", author: unknown.
    A unique interesting website about the simian line. Besides the medical point of view plus the traditional approach of handanalysis, is being stressed that the social aspects of the simian line should not be ignored. The personal history of the author - which is presented in another section of her website - is a striking illustration.

    "Hands in Scripture", auteur: Larry wood.
    Another phenomenon on the world-wide-web, a website dedicated to the theme: "the hand & the bible".
    (the author shows his guts ... and a fancy intellect!)

    "Palm Therapy", gepresenteerd door: Moshe Zwang.
    The relationship with the traditional approach of handanalysis is illustrated by the fact that the book “Palm Therapy TM: Program Your Mind through Your Palms” includes a 300-page-chapter headed by the title: 'Palmistry'.

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