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    Intergenerational trend of some dermatoglyphic traits in Vaidyas of West Bengal, India.

    Sengupta M, Karmakar B.

    Anthropology and Human Genetics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India.

    In order to investigate the intergenerational change of dermatoglyphics, fingerprints of 400 individuals were collected from an endogamous caste Vaidyas of Barasat, West Bengal. Results were compared with the data of an earlier sample of Banerjee collected in 35 years before on the same community of the same area. As it is generally known that dermatoglyphics is selectively neutral, thus if no other evolutionary forces play a role, we cannot expect any change of dermatoglyphic characters after several years. In the present study, non-significant change in the frequency of pattern and more or less same PII have been observed in both sexes. But significant quantitative differences were found between the two samples. These differences may not be due to the change of intra-uterine environment, rather due to the inter-observer error of these two studies and the small sample size of the earlier study. Because though same methods were used in both studies, inter-observer variation is much possible in ridge counting than pattern type determination.

    Coll Antropol. 2003 Dec;27(2):515-21.

    PMID: 14746138 [PubMed - in process]

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