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What to expect from a Trantic Massage?

Tantric Massage, tantric yoga or tantrism (Sanskrit: loom) is any of several esoteric traditions rooted in the religions of India. It exists in Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Bönpo, and New Age forms. In its Indian forms, tantra can be summarized as a family of voluntary rituals modeled on those of the Vedas, together with their attendant texts and lineages. These rituals typically involve the visualization of a deity, offerings (real or visualized), and the chanting of his or her mantra.

These practices are usually said to require permission from a qualified teacher or guru who belongs to a legitimate guruparampara or teacher-student lineage. Thus tantra massage shares some similarities with yoga. Common variations include visualizing the deity in the act of making love, or: the union with a consort; visualizing oneself as the deity; and/or "transgressive" acts such as token consumption of meat or alcohol. Occasionally ritualized making love may be undertaken in imitation of the divine model. This also explains tantra's mixed reputation, and its reception in the West primarily as a collection of sensational body practices.

Be aware of the physical ... and spiritual sensations!!!

The tantra refers to certain Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, or the rituals and practices described therein. Tantric massage therapy deals especially with meditative techniques and rituals involving sensational practices such as: a massage of the intimate body parts. According to Tantric ideals, your entire body will be massaged, including a massage of those particularly sensitive areas.