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READING TAROT CARD: Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who wrote about archetypes - powerful images and ideas in the collective unconscious. Robert Wang designed the Jungian Tarot as a "visual gateway into the complexities of Jungian psychology." The major arcana cards show archetypal figures within an archway surrounded by a mandala and other related symbols.

The court cards are family members (father, mother, daughter and son) with personalities relating to their suit element.

Be aware!!!

These cards have color-coded frames. The numbered suit cards show the suit token within a rope-style border. There are no titles or identifiers of any kind on the cards. The Jungian Tarot was originally published as a deck/book set with the book Tarot Psychology: Handbook for the Jungian Tarot.

This set is now out of print. The deck itself has been reprinted, but does not include an instruction booklet. A different companion book The Jungian Tarot and Its Archetypal Imagery by Wang is still available. It describes the history and symbolism of the major arcana cards.


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