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What can one expect from a tarot card reading?

Actually, tarot readers have something in common with angels: they are messengers too! Do you believe in angels? Ten out of the eleven of us in class said we believed angels really exist.

Throughout history, they have been known to be messengers of the divine, guides and enablers. They can cause or solve problems. Wald referred to angels as the "executive bureaucracy of God" and said in summary: "Angels get things done."

Be aware: the tarot principle!!!

Tarot reading is all about your personal interpretation of the cards and their meanings. Not all the meanings will make sense at first. The Tarot was originally a deck of 78 cards, divided into 4 suits of 14 cards (the standard ace-10, then page, knight, queen, and king) and 22 un-numbered 'triumphs' or 'trumps'.

Over the years, the trumps got numbered 1 to 21, with one card (the fool) remaining un-numbered or sometimes being 0. The 4 suits are commonly called the 'Minor Arcana' and the trump cards are called the 'Major Arcana'.


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