What are fungus nails?


How to recognize fungus nails?

The causes of a fungus nail can be very different. Examples of nail disorders caused by fungi are: onycholysis, onychomycosis, and paronychia. However, brown or copper nails may be caused by fungi as well. Onycholysis is a loosening of the exposed portion of the nail from the nail bed, usually beginning at the free edge and continuing to the lunula. It is frequently associated with an internal disorder, trauma, infection, nail fungi, allergy to nail enhancement products, or side effects of drugs. Onychomycosis is a contagious infection of the nail caused by the same fungal organisms which cause ringworm of the skin. And paronychia is a bacterial or fungal infection where the nail and skin meet.

About fungus- and nail disorders in general.

Nail diseases are in a separate category from diseases of the skin. Although nails are a skin appendage, they have their own signs and symptoms which may relate to other medical conditions. Nail conditions that show signs of infection or inflammation require medical assistance and cannot be treated at a beauty parlor. Nail inspection can give a great deal of information about the internal working of the body as well, and like tongue or iris inspection, has a long history of diagnostic use in cantraditional medical practices such as Chinese medicine.


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