Toe nail fungus problems?


How to recognize toe nail fungus?

Toe nail fungal infections are not commonly contagious nor do they spread easily between people. Nail fungus grows more often in people with weaker immune systems, which rather than suppress it, allow the fungus to become established. There is currently no known way to boost your immune system to make fungal infections less likely. Here are some ways that may help to prevent fungal infections: 1 - Keep your feet dry, avoid constant moisture, 2- Avoid nonporous, closed shoes made of synthetic materials, 3 - Wear absorbent socks, 4 - Wear water proof sandals when in public showers.

About the side-effects of toe nail fungus medication.

To monitor side effects your physician must order periodic blood tests (usually monthly) during treatment. Any of the following symptoms suggesting organ damage should be reported immediately to your physician: 1) Unusual fatigue, 2) Severe loss of appetite, 3) Nausea, 4) Yellow eyes, 5) Dark urine, 6) Pale stool, 7) Skin rashes, 8) Bleeding, 9) Enlarged lymph glands, 10) Signs of infection.
Unfortunately, anti-fungal creams applied to the nail do not penetrate the nail bed to kill the fungus at its source and are generally ineffective.


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