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PALM PDA: The Palm corporation produces a number of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) which run the Palm operating system. This page describes the range of Palm devices, from the first generation of Palm machines known as the Pilot through to the latest models. The first two generations of PDAs from Palm were referred to as PalmPilots. However, due to a trademark infringement lawsuit brought on by the Pilot Pen Corporation, from 1998 on handheld devices from Palm were known officially as Palm Connected Organizers or more commonly as "Palms" but "PalmPilot" has entered the vernacular as a synonym for PDAs, regardless of the brand. (source: en.wikipedia.org)

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Palm handhelds are beginning to become more and more advanced, including the ability to become hard drives on computers via USB cables, and are beginning to merge with smartphones. Current palm pilot models (PDA's) are: Z22 - Zire 21 - Zire 31 - Zire 72 - Tungsten E2 - Tungsten T5 - Tungsten C - TX - Treo 650 - LifeDrive - Treo 700w - Treo 700p. (source: www.skepdic.com)


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