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Microsoft's X BOX makes you ready for the future of digital entertainment. Right at this moment: over 500 games available! And ... X BOX LIVE presents you the opportunity to meet a million games in 24 countries, 24 hours a day, 265 days a years - at your own private home station! The latest additional multi-media kids for X-Box are: Xbox Media Center Extender, Xbox Music Mixerl, and the DVD Playback kit. Search and play!

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The boom in videogame development can be traced back 3 decades to teenagers making games on home machines such as the Spectrum. But now Microsoft has made tools available which will allow hobbyists and students to create games for the Xbox 360. The tools are now available to download for free. But many may want to join the XNA Creators Club, which allows DIY developers access to technical support, white papers, starter kits and other assets to help turn the games into reality.


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