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What to expect from an astrology love reading?

Astrology compatibility is usually used to find out if that "special someone" is right for you. Just think about John Gray's best seller: 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus', and the fact most people are aware that the planet VENUS is associated with LOVE! nline! In common usage, horoscope often refers to an astrologer's interpretation, usually through a system known as sun sign astrology. Simply indicate your star sign, then your partner or potential partner's sign, and you can find out your horoscope compatibility online! In common usage, horoscope often refers to an astrologer's interpretation, usually through a system known as sun sign astrology. In particular, many newspapers and magazines carry horoscope columns based on celestial influences in relation to the placement of the Sun in the zodiac on the day of a person's birth, identifying the person's sun sign.

Be aware: about 'love-hits'!!!

The compatibility question is: What does astrology have to say about you and your mate (or potential mate)? Skeptics of astrology also suggest that the perceived accuracy of astrological interpretations and descriptions of one's personality can be accounted for by the fact that people tend to exaggerate positive 'hits' and overlook whatever does not fit, especially when vague language is used. So, feel free to find your love compatibility match via love astrology but be aware of your own subjective perceptions.


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