Looking for a Massage Table?


What to expect from a massage?

If you are a massage therapist a major piece of your business (besides your hands) is a quality massage table. One can read many expert opinions on massage tables and found that firstly, the massage practitioner needs to find a table that is ergonomically correct for their body. They will have to purchase a table that is the right height, width, material, and above all it needs to be stable. If you have never had a massage before then you may not know the power and strength that goes into the various techniques used by massage therapists. The m a s s a g e t a b l e should be wide enough so it can fit your clients comfortably but not so wide that you can't reach across and give a proper massage. Most massage tables come standard at 29 or 30 inches wide and have adjustable heights that range from 24 to 34 inches. The type of practice you have plus the amount of clients you have can also play a big part in determing which massage table you buy.

Your solution: A PORTABLE massage table!!!

For those m a s s a g e therapists that travel too and from their clients homes, a sturdy, portable massage table would benefit you most for convenience. If you have a heavy client load and see many patients each day, make sure the table you buy is top rated for durability and stability to handle your work schedule. Some massage t a b l e s are built just for shiatsu or deep tissue massage techniques. Other features like foam or upholstery can ensure that your clients remain comfortable during their massage. The main types of massage tables are portable, ultralight, stationary, and electric. Electric tables cost way above $1000 and the cheaper portable t a b l e s will run you $150-$500.


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