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Odette Dumas

Personal comments & recommendations by Odette Dumas:

"Since the age of 3, I've always been fascinated by the hands. They talk to me- so to speak! Until the age of 12, it was merely just for fun but when people started to confirm what I told them it launched me on a quest for reliable parameters on how to read palms.

After doing extensive research, reading thousands of hands for free and making mental notes of my findings, I decided to open a consultation office in 1981. 6,000 hand prints after, I had enough material proof to support my own conclusions about hands. The Édtions De Mortagne published my book La main, reflet de soi, reflet de l'infini, in 1987 under the name of Odette Poisson.

My main interest goes for the skin ridges: fingerprints, skin ridges in the palms and design formed in the palms. They are the skin of the soul showing what we are born with as a person. The lines are alive, they morph and change along our decisions, hence more volatile.

As I moved from Canada to Venezuela a year ago, my work has come to a halt, having other priorities to tend to but now, being well settled down, I am ready to come back to chirology and continue my research on the human hand. With my reiki master of a husband, we run a small healing centre on the Caribean Sea of Venezuela and, working as a team, we help people to reconnect with themselves, chakras and subtle bodies. We plan to continue our healing work soon aboard a sailboat, where we'll be cruising the southern Caribean Sea and do our work in many countries. Our own destiny lines show that we are to do just that for the next 14 years!"

Author of the book
La main, reflet de soi, reflet de l'infini (1987) - published under the name of: Odette Poisson

Chirology - Section: South Amercia
Puerto Píritu (near: Barcelona) - Venezuela

Palmistry & Chirology reading

Phone: 58-281-441-1413

Chirology by Odette Dumas

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