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Meditation takes many forms including prayer, TM (Transcendental Meditation), mindfulness meditation, and from the Eastern tradition, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, and Taoist meditation. The main focus of meditation techniques is to quieten the busy mind. The intention is not to remove stimulation but rather to direct concentration to one healing element - one sound, one word, one image, or one's breath. When the mind is "filled" with the feeling of calm and peace, it is less likely to take off on its own and worry, stress out, or get depressed. Meditation encompasses diverse methods including: Formal sitting in which the body is held immobile and the attention controlled, expressive practices in which the body is let free, and the practice of going about one's daily round of activities mindfully. (source: www.wellbeing.com.au)

Be aware!!!

Transcendental Meditation (TMŪ) is a set of Hindu meditation techniques introduced to the Western world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, dubbed the "giggling guru" because of his habit of constantly giggling during television interviews. TM allegedly brings the practitioner to a special state of consciousness often characterized as "enlightenment" or "bliss." The method involves entertaining a mantra, an allegedly special expression which is often nothing more than the name of a Hindu god. Disciples pay hundreds of dollars for their mantras. They are led to believe that theirs is special and chosen just for them. The claim of uniqueness for the mantra is just one of many questionable claims made by TM leaders. (source: skepdic.com)



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