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Natural medicine is the practice of using any form of medicine that is in its natural form. Many traditional medical practices as well as what is more commonly termed complementary medicine or alternative medicine fall into this broad category. Natural medicine is often seen as an alternative to chemical medicine and surgery in the modern world, though many natural medicines contain the same active molecules as chemical medicine but sourced from plants instead of produced synthetically. (source: en.wikipedia.org)

Be aware!!!

In fact, ultimately everything which is made is comprised of nothing but natural atoms, molecules, elements, or substances. So, if everything is basically natural, why do some people, such as the naturopaths, make such a big fuss about using only what is natural? Such an obsession seems unhealthy, but it helps one avoid having to ask difficult questions about whether something really is good, safe or healthy. All you need to know is that something is "natural" and you don't have to think about its value. (source: skepdic.com)



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