Acrylic nail decoration + alternatives!

Acrylic nails: There are several popular techniques that can be used to create longer more perfect looking nail enhancements. One popular material is acryl—a mixture of powder and ethymethacrylate that hardens in 30–40 seconds after application. Acryl can be removed in 20 minutes using a variety of solvents. Another material, gel, hardens under ultraviolet light and can be longer lasting but more expensive. It can only be removed by cutting it off. Another popular alternative to acrylic or gel preparations are Fiberglass or Silk wraps. They are done by cutting pieces of actual fiberglass or silk fabric to fit on the surface of the nail or tip and then it is sealed down with a resin or glue. These are a possible alternative for those who are allergic to chemicals used in the acrylic or gel process. Other materials can be used, as well as combinations of them. There are also temporary, cheaper flexible tips that can be quickly glued at home without help from a professional. Acrylic nail powders are available in a variety of colours and can use "special effects" such as contours, sparkles and the very popular "French" ( pink and white appearance). (source:

Tip: Nail Piercing!!!

Nail piercing creates a very interesting affect, but can also weaken the nail. One can purchase a small kit (a few US dollar), if only for the piercing tool since it is less likely to cause a split than a pin or razor blade tip, and is more manageable. Always apply a few coats of polish before making the hole and don't make the hole too close to the sides or the tip to help avoid splits. And you can try placing the piercings on nails where they wont get caught such as the pinky vs. the index finger. It was also suggested that the piercing could be done on the upper portion of a long nail so that the hole could be filed away without loosing too much length. Nail salons can also make the piercings if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

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