Having split toe nails?


Split toe nail solutions!

SPLIT TOE NAILS: the list of nail care product producents is a very long list. Some examples are: 7 Days, Anti-fungal, Avojuice, Avoplex, Beautiful Feet, Bedhead Nails. California Mango, China Glaze, Claire Topper, Creative, Cuccio Manicure, Delore, Essie, EZ Flow, Gena, Glymiracle, Glycerodermine, Glysolid, IBD, INM, Jessica, Nail Dryers, Nail's Alive, Nail Savers, Nail Tek, Nailtiques, Nail Treatments, Nicole, One Minute Manicure, Onymyrrhe, OPI, Orly, Pinnacle, Poshe, Pro Finish, Qtica, Q-Tickles, Revivanail, Seche, Soho, Triple Lanolin, Zoom, and Zoya. (source: www.spiralhaircase.com)

Split toe nials: be aware!!!

The fashion trends are not without risks, as residues of acrylic resins have been known to lead to redness, swelling, pain and even severe allergic reactions. The nail can separate from the nail bed, and if the nail root becomes damaged, the replacement can be permanently deformed. As well, nail glue is poisonous if accidentally swallowed and most nail polishes and removers contain toxic formaldehyde or acetone. (source: en.wikipedia.org)

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