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What is 'nail art'? A search on the internet will provide you tousands of nail art products, however a good definition of 'nail art' is very hard to find. One might simply say that 'nail art' is the decorative art of making human nails beautiful. This art is usually a typic woman-business, though in some asian countries this art lies also within the interests of men.

BE AWARE: Nail art includes many branches ranging from the daily life nail salons to very ambitious nail art championchips! After saying this you will no longer be surprized that nail art has grown rapidly in the past decade and became a multi-million dollar economy with branches all around the world.

Popular Nail Topics:

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-- Black Toe nail BRITTLE nails Children & nail Biting CLUBBING nails
-- Diabetes & nails Fake nails FUNGUS nails KOILONYCHIA
-- LEUKONYCHIA nail Biting Psychology nail Biting Remedies NAILS
-- nail Disorders nail infection PITTING nails Psoriasis & nails
-- RED fingernails Rheumatoid & nails RIDGED nails
-- Split Toe nails Stop nail Biting Toddlers & nail Biting Toe nail Fashion


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