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NAIL ART DESIGN: Nail art design galleries provide a repertoire of nail designs that you can choose from. Sometimes they come with easy to follow directions to aid readers. Nail art designs can be theme based - you can look for upcoming holiday seasons or festivals for inspiration. Some web sites offer nail art pictures by nail stylists in nail art galleries that are arranged category wise. A nail art gallery provides pictures of trained nail stylists and catalogs of various trends. (source: www.targetwoman.com)

Be aware: nail art and social status!!!

The color and condition of a personís nails has long been an indication of social status. In ancient times women were identified and separated from men by the color of their nails. Different tribes had different nail art; for example the Incas were well known for the eagles decorated on their fingernails. Nail condition also identified common laborers, as they worked with their hands, having a finely manicured set of nails was not only impractical for them; it was an extravagance they couldnít afford.

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