Fingernails: nail design products!

NAIL DESIGNS: Nail art design galleries provide a repertoire of nail designs that you can choose from. Sometimes they come with easy to follow directions to aid readers. Nail art designs can be theme based - you can look for upcoming holiday seasons or festivals for inspiration. Some web sites offer nail art pictures by nail stylists in nail art galleries that are arranged category wise. A nail art gallery provides pictures of trained nail stylists and catalogs of various trends.

Be aware: the underside of the nail !!!

If you have long nails, try painting the underside of the nail (the part you see when looking at your palm) with a contrasting color. Choose a dominant tone for the topcoat, and an accent tone for the underside of the nail. For example, black nails with silver on the underside would make for a great effect on the dance floor for goths who (like me) like to use their hands alot. The trick is to keep it subtle - the color on the underside of the nail, that is, not your dancing!

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