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FIngernails: nail extensions!

NAIL EXTENSIONS: In the late 20th century, fake nails for women became widely popular. The fake nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. There are two main approaches to creating fake nails—tips and forms. Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are "nail" shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail and are blended into the existing natural nail using an emory board. Forms are fit over the nail and then an fake nail is molded out of acrylic and the form is removed and then properly shaped and buffed to a shine. There are several popular techniques that can be used to create longer more perfect looking nail enhancements. One popular material is acryl—a mixture of powder and ethymethacrylate that hardens in 30–40 seconds after application. (source: en.wikipedia.org)

Nail extensions: be aware!!!

The fake nail fashion trends are not without risks, as residues of acrylic resins have been known to lead to redness, swelling, pain and even severe allergic reactions. The nail can separate from the nail bed, and if the nail root becomes damaged, the replacement can be permanently deformed. As well, nail glue is poisonous if accidentally swallowed and most nail polishes and removers contain toxic formaldehyde or acetone. (source: en.wikipedia.org)

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