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MARCH 8, 2008

The Finger Book
This book is about a simple measurement of the human hand: the 2D:4D 'finger ratio'.
A scientific treatment on what the length of your fingers reveal about you!

Author: Professor John T. Manning -

Publisher's description
Deals with the 'finger ratio', or the length of the ring finger relative to the index finger. This book employs finger ratio to examine a group of questions about human behaviour, from sexuality, to musical ability, to predisposition to disease.

ISBN13: 9780571215393
ISBN10: 0571215394

What could fingers & sex possibly have in common? What does the shape of a child's fingers reveal about future music talent? Why should professional footballers have longer ring fingers than other men?

This book is about a simple measurment of the human hand. You may not have noticed that men tend to have longer ring fingers relative to their index fingers, and it turns out this tiny sex difference is highly revealing.

The Finger Book - author: Professor John T. Manning

John Manning, 'a pioneer in this field' (New Scientist) uses it to examine a dizzying group of questions about human behaviour, from sexuality, to music ability, to predisposition to disease. Controversial, but untainglingly clear and balanced, John Manning presents his cutting-edge research for the reader to consider.

The finger ratio appears to tell us what happens to babies in the whomb, indicating the amount of testosterone and oestrogen to which each foetus is exposed. This early evens has, it seems, profound consequences in each of us. Provocative, arresting and direct, The Finger Book makes accessible a whole new area of evolutionary science, and poses many fruitful questions about what makes us as we are.


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