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Sara de Vos, chirologist>

Sara de Vos ****

5 Element Chirologist (hand reader)
in Cape Town [St. Helena Bay], South-Africa (SA) South Africa flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Sara de Vos:

"I stay just outside Cape Town in a fisherman's village called St Helena Bay. I also have a crystal shop in Langebaan"

Quote from Sara's website:

"Reconnect with your Self at a deeper level of awareness.

Learn How to live with passion, purpose and authenticity.
Self-empowering TOOLS include: Energy Healing, Meditation, Crystals, Breath Work, Intuition and Self-knowledge.

We will use various practices, including: Chirology, Chakra and Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Numerology, Consciousness and Awareness exercises, Breath Work and Meditation."

- Hand reading profile for Sara de Vos -


Chirology consult
(+ crystals, astrology & numerology)


Facebook: Sara de Vos
Tel: 082 298 1047


Chirology - part of Holistic Retreat

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