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Hand reading research

STUDIES - 25 Years hand reading research (overview)

Innovative hand research studies with unique explorations in the fields of hand reading (palmistry, palm reading, hand analysis, chirology, chiromancy, chirognomy, etc.); hand readers & students are featured in some of the projects!

Hand reading news

NEWS - Hand Reading News & Reports: 300+ articles

Hand reading news including: fingerprints, gestures, lines, nails, fingers, 2d:4d digit ratio, skin, biometry & much more.

Top 100 hand reading books

BOOKS - Hand reading books: reviews, new publications & Top 100 ranking

Discover the top performing books (based on Amazon best sellers rank) in the fields of hand reading presented by international hand readers.

Top 100 hand reading websites

SITES - Top 100 hand reading websites (global ranking)

Discover the top performing websites (based on MOZ authority & Alexa traffic rank) in the fields of hand reading presented by international hand readers.

Global hand reading network

PROS - The global hand reading network: 800+ experts

The profs network includes profile-pages for 800+ hand readers, hand analysts, chirologists, palmists & palm readers from 54 countries around the world.

Famous hands: celebrity hand reading

CELEBS - Celebrity Hand Research: 130+ famous hands

Take a look at the hands of 130+ celebrities, including: 14 US presidents, 10 (in)famous masculine males, celebrities with simian line & many others.


Hand reading mini-course

Hand reading mini-course

An advanced scientific hand reading mini-course (a 2002 publication), offering basic scientific hand analysis tools suitable to become an expert hand reader!

Miscellaneous: hands & beyond

Miscellaneous: hand reading systems, hand reflexology, hand art & more

Discover much more about hands, including: hand reading systems, hand reflexology, hand art, more palm reading guide lines & much more.

Hand research

Scientific hand analysis:
the rise of 'Multi-Perspective Hand Reading'!

In 25 years a wide spectrum of hand research studies has accumulated into a scientific hand reading approach, where the major guideline underlines the need for combining multiple dimensions of the hand. The implication is that a solid hand diagnosis usually requires the presence of multiple hand signs in various perspective of the hand.

Unfortunately, this insight leaves hardly any space open for the working hypothesis used in classic palmistry: the (outdated) belief that every single hand sign bares potential for specific meaning, which is likely just a myth - though it continues being cherished on superstitious grounds, anecdotal evidence, selective observations, and other psychological phenomena such as the Forer-effect (a.k.a. Barnum-effect).

Multi-perspective hand reading

Multi-Perspective Hand Reading was introduced in 2011 and coined as a brand new conceptual term; since then the concept has been used to illustrate that our hands tend to show correlations with psychological conditions similar to those described for medical conditions inside the academic scientific literature.

Multi-Perspective Hand Reading can be recognized to represent the very first hand analysis system around the world that was build entirely on top of a (scientific) empirical research, featured with a validation process involving statistical analysis.

This advanced hand reading concept is explored through 9 separate perspectives of the hand: (1) hand behaviors, (2) hand motorics, (3) hand shape, (4) palm shape, (5) finger shapes, (6) nails, (7) skin, (8) dermatoglyphics & (9) lines. Each of these nine levels of the hand is also featured in the hand sign tutor.

Discover, explore & learn how to read hands properly:

- Multi-Perspective Hand Reading -

Hand research
- A recommendation for further exploring -

Discover & explore the language of the hand featured with hand charts for a wide range of major diagnostic themes, involving e.g.:

- psychology: the General Factor of Personality & Big Five dimensions;
- psychiatry: autistic spectrum disorder & schizophrenia;
- medical problems: diabetes melitus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis;
- genetic defects: Marfan syndrome, Down syndrome, fragile-X syndrome + others.

Hand reading - diagnostic themes

Major Diagnostic Themes: how to read hands?

This section presents an overview of the major diagnostic themes available so far, including e.g.: the Big Five personality dimensions, autism & schizophrenia, and various syndromes & diseases.


- Introduced in 2016 -

A major item on this site represents the Scientific Hand Charts Collection, which provides the opportunity to explore the major principle used in Multi-Perspective Hand Reading.

The collection includes hand charts involving the Big Five personality dimensions Neuroticism, Opennes, Extraversion Agreeableness & Conscientiousness; you might want to use the summary article: Hand Charts for the Big Five personality dimensions.

The Big Five personality dimensions, a.k.a. the Five Factor Model (+ it's 30 facets according the NEO PI-R Personality Inventory)

• Finally, it can be interesting to consider the findings in the perspective of concepts & theories used in various hand reading systems (e.g. the roots of ancient Chinese medical palm reading & classic Indian predictive palmistry); other options are found in the miscellaneous (hands & beyond) section - covering a wide spectrum of supplemental topics!

The Hand Sign Tutor: find the most likely diagnostic options for 300+ hand signs instantly

- Introduced in April 2017 -

Hand sign tutor

Hand Sign Tutor

The Hand Sign Tutor explores a wide spectrum of conditions associated with 300+ hand signs such as: short- or long finger length, pinky finger variations such as the single finger crease, simian line, yellow nails, hypothenar whorl, hyperextensible finger joints, etc. The Hand Sign Tutor includes dozens of hand signs for each of the 9 perspectives of the hand.

(Meanwhile the preceding Nail Tutor is also still be available)


- Introduced in October 2017 -

Major hand signs &
the General Factor of Personality
(a.k.a. 'Trait EQ')

Hand charts for the Big Five personality dimensions Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Extraversion & Openness are displayed below; each pair of hands describes the most typical combinations involving hand shape, finger lengths, major creases, palmar dermatoglyphics & fingerprints for high- and low scorers in each personality dimension.

(High resolution pictures included inside article above!)

Big Five personality dimensions & tendencies in the hands!

The Big Five model, a.k.a. the 'Five Factor Model' (FFM) is designed to describe the full 'color-spectrum' of a personality, including it's derived psychological factors: the 4 classic temperaments, cognitive stability, cognitive flexibility & cognitive efficiency.

Read more in the first major section:

Multi-Perspective Hand Reading