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Jena Griffiths, hand analyst

Jena Griffiths *******

Hand Analyst - IIHA accredited
in Zürich, Switzerland [CH] Switzerland flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Jena Griffiths:

"Consultations, courses and Life Purpose support coaching (IIHA, 'lifeprints') in Zürich, Sternenberg, and Winterthur + on-line consultations and courses world-wide."

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Quote from Jena's website:

"Jena's mission is to unlock human potential by improving the standard of professional hand analysis worldwide. She gives others the information they need to make a difference in the world or to stay up to date in this field. Hand analysis is compatible with most belief systems and is a powerful psychological tool and self help method for unlocking human potential."

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Life purpose hand analysis, hand reading course, consultations & workshops


Facebook: Jena Griffiths (learnwiththemasters)
Tel: (+41)-79-101-0438
Address: Earthuni, Waffenplatzstrasse 77, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland


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