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Richard Unger, hand analyst

Richard Unger *******

IIHA Hand analyst (hand reader)
in Tiburon, California (US) USA flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Richard Unger:

"The International Institute of Hand Analysis was founded in 1985 by Richard Unger and offers a wide range of courses from beginner to professional level."

"The IIHA uses standard hand reading interpretation plus a unique system of fingerprint analysis to examine a person's life from a Life Purpose perspective. What lifestyle and/or career will bring you the deepest possible sense of meaning and fulfillment? What must you learn from your life experience in order to be capable of living such a life? Where are you now? What is your next step?"

Richard is the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA).

Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints


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Life Purpose Hand Analysis: hand readings, course, author


Facebook: Richard Unger
Telephone: +415-331-9922


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