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Palm Reading Lines
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What makes Hand Reading different from tarot & numerology?

• DEFINITION UPDATE: What is Palmistry in 2017?

Palmistry is the practice (or art) of reading/analysing the hands, usually with the intent focussed on one (or more) of these four aspects of life:

1 - health consultation, 2 - character interpretation, 3 - life purpose orientation, 4 - divination/future telling

Examples of 'non-predictive' hand reading systems (not related to divination / future telling / astrology) are e.g.:
Elemental Chirology, Life Purpose Hand Analysis & PsychoDiagnostic Chirology.

Examples of 'predictive palmistry' are e.g.:
Classic Indian palmistry (which is in India an aspect of Jyotish), and Urdu palmistry (Hindu palm reading in Pakistan), these are types of palm reading where high value is attributred to e.g. the marriage line and life line.

Due to the superstitious image of palmistry people often associate hand readers with future predictions, psychic readings & paranormal phenomena; however, Western hand reading systems usually are usually focussed on personality/character assessment.

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