Multi-perspective hand reading!

12 Major diagnostic themes: how to read hands? -

The concept of Multi-Perspective Hand Reading has been applied to some of the most important themes in the fields of the behavior- & medical sciences. Up-to-date detailed guidelines are presented below for various major diagnostic themes - which represent worldwide the most signficant psychological & medical conditions! More themes will become available later.





AGREEABLENESS (26 hand signs)


EXTRAVERSION (7 hand signs)

NEUROTICISM (12 hand signs)

OPENNESS (30 hand signs)


The Big Five personality dimensions: 10 charts
Hand signs & General Factor of Personality

SCHIZOPHRENIA (47 hand signs)

DOWN SYNDROME (32 hand signs)

FRAGILE-X SYNDROME (36 hand signs)

MARFAN SYNDROME (18 hand signs)

DIABETES MELLITUS (35 hand signs)

PSORIASIS (24 hand signs)


In the new diagnostic-section Scientific Hand Charts (featuring 25 diagnostic themes)
the no.1 rule in scientific hand reading is described as follows:

"Any hand sign only bares significance for a specific theme when it's presence is combined with
the presence of other hand signs that also bare significance for that same theme."

- Other diagnostic themes -

For various other hand reading themes some interesting research findings are available (more details will be added later):

Psychology: autism, depression & psychosis

Diseases: cancer & heart defects

Biology: left-handedness & sex differences (male-female differences)

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Decoding The Language of The Hand:
how to find 38 conditions with just 54 major hand signs!

Decoding the language of the hand: how to find 36 conditions with 54 major hand signs!