How to read hands: 12 major diagnostic themes!

Multi-perspective hand reading!

The concept of Multi-Perspective Hand Reading has already been applied to some of the most significant themes in the fields of the behavior- & health sciences.

Up-to-date guidelines (most items are featured with detailed hand charts) are presented for major diagnostic themes - which all belong to the category of the most common psychological & medical conditions for their category. More themes will probably become available later.

All materials are presented in the perspective of the no.1 rule in scientific hand reading, which is described in the diagnostic-section Scientific Hand Charts (featuring 25 diagnostic themes) as follows:

"Any hand sign only becomes significant for a specific theme when it's presence is combined with the presence of other hand signs that also bare significance for that specific theme."

- 12 Major diagnostic themes suitable for hand reading! -


(Big Five personality dimensions)

AGREEABLENESS (26 hand signs)


EXTRAVERSION (7 hand signs)

NEUROTICISM (12 hand signs)

OPENNESS (30 hand signs)


Big Five personality dimensions: 10 charts
Hand signs & General Factor of Personality


SCHIZOPHRENIA (47 hand signs)


DOWN SYNDROME (32 hand signs)

FRAGILE-X SYNDROME (36 hand signs)

MARFAN SYNDROME (18 hand signs)


DIABETES MELLITUS (35 hand signs)

PSORIASIS (24 hand signs)


Other diagnostic themes
& the hand:

For various other hand reading themes some interesting research findings are available (more details later):

Psychology: autism, depression & psychosis

Diseases: cancer & heart defects

Biology: left-handedness & sexe differences (m-f diff.)

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The next major section involves:

Hand behaviors in mental disorders!


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Decoding The Language of The Hand:
how to find 38 conditions with just 54 major hand signs!

Decoding the language of the hand: how to find 36 conditions with 54 major hand signs!