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- Hand Sign Tutor: a scientific hand reading tool, ranks conditions for 300+ hand signs -

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Choose your hand sign via
one of the 9 hand level options:

I Hand behaviors [30+ signs] |||||| II Hand motorics [35+ signs]

III Hand shapes [35+ signs] ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| IV Palm shapes [25+ signs]

V Finger shapes [35+ signs] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| VI Hand skin [30+ signs]

VII Fingernails [60+ signs] |||||||||| VIII Dermatoglyphics [50+ signs]

IX Hand lines [75+ signs]

[In each section the hand signs displayed with 'light blue color' have been processed completely]

NOTICE: Keep in mind that every single hand sign always bares the potential
to have an association with multiple psychology- and/or health related themes;
a solid assessment always requires a consideration of hand sign combinations!

Hand Sign Tutor: find the most likely diagnostic options for 300+ hand signs instantly!

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