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Double-jointed thumbs (hypermobility)

Prevalence in general population (GP): present in a small minority [~5% | 1:1 | weight: 1.00]

Most likely diagnostic options for double jointed thumbs - a manifestation involving hypermobility at the 2nd (basal) thumb joint, has a strong connotation with the thumb-aspect of the so-called Beighton score, not to be confused with hyperextensible finger joints (listed order of conditions below is made according overall statistical chance to find this hand sign combined with the condition):


joints hypermobility syndrome [~75% | 1:50 | weight: 0.3]
fragile-x syndrome [~50% | <1:4.000 | weight: 0.002]
Ehler-Danlos syndrome [~?% | <1:5.000 | weight: ?]
Marfan syndrome [~?% | <1:6.000 | weight: ?]



[1st figure = prevalence hand sign in condition | 2nd
figure = prevalence condition in GP | 3rd figure =
estimated weight hand sign for condition relative
to GP (>1,00 = high impact)]
Example of double jointed thumbs: hypermobility at the 2nd (basal) thumb joint.

Quick summary:
double jointed thumbs usually represents an inconvenient but harmless condition not associated with any sort of disorder (only in a minority it represents a feature for one of the 4 listed medical conditions).

[For every 10 double-jointed thumbs cases in the general population (GP) there are 3 joints hypermobility syndrome cases with double jointed thumbs, etc.]

NOTICE: Keep in mind that every single hand sign always bares the potential
to have an association with multiple psychology- and/or health related themes;
a solid assessment always requires a consideration of hand sign combinations!

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