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MARCH 20, 2008

6 Ways to keep your Hands pain free
Here are some ways to help you stay pain-free and keep your hands and fingers strong.

Author: Leslie Garcia -

We are sooo attached to our fingers. It's too bad we don't think much about them until they start to hurt. For example, 30 percent of computer users gripe about hand paresthesias - the numbness or stinging sensations.

Still, studies on nerve conduction show that three percent of Americans are found to suffer from the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. Something else must be bothering the stressed-out hands of computer users everywhere.

Here are some ways to help you stay pain-free and keep your hands and fingers strong:

Keep your hands pain free
1 - Grasp items with your whole hand - instead of using only your thumb and index finger. Your non-stressed wrist will thank you.

2 - Strengthen your hands this way: Hold a large sheet of paper by a corner with your arm outstretched. Ball up the paper using only your fingers. Quickly! Alternate hands; repeat several times.

3 - Or simply squeeze a softball.

4 - Change hand and finger positions - when holding such objects as playing cards or a book.

5 - Speaking of carpal tunnel - piano players do indeed get it, says Dellana Cook, past president of the Greater Dallas Group Music Teachers Association. Help prevent it by playing scales to warm up. Instead of playing 1-2-3-4-5 (thumb being 1 and pinkie 5), try 1-3-2-4-3-5."

6 - Watch your hands: Your fingernails can reveal more than your affinity for shades of pomegranate red. They can also indicate such problems as iron deficiency, heart disease, respiratory problems or thyroid disorders.


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