MAY 17, 2009

Hand reflexology: a headache-break hand massage!
Olivia Rosewood describes how to treat a headache with a hand massage: research indicate that reflexology can do provides relief for headaches & migrane. Learn how to give yourself
a healing handshake!

Author: Olivia Rosewood

Olivia Rosewood describes the headache-break hand massage
Research: reflexology & palmtherapy provide relief for headaches & migraine

Two hands on a head: a sign for headache & migraine.

Learn how the give yourself the headache-break hand massage.

There is a spot on each of your hands which for thousands of years has been rubbed by and for human beings, bringing notable relief to headaches. In
traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is said to correspond to the adrenal glands, clearing blockages from this glands' energy circuit, bringing life force to these often overworked treasures.

To give yourself a break from a headache or even just a bit more zip in your doo-da, find the most tender spot between your thumb and forefinger. Use your other thumb and forefinger to pinch this spot from the top and palm of your hand (see the right picture above), the way you might pinch a penny should there be a world-wide financial crisis. Take a few deep breaths, and release this spot when you have an indication that you have unblocked this energy point: usually your pain subsides.


    Migraine can be describes as a neurological syndrome characterized by serious attacks of headaches - the duration can vary from a few hours upto a couple of days. Females (15-35%) suffer on this problem about twice as often compared to males (5-15%). About 10-30% of people are affected by migraine at least once in their life (in general the risk for migraine is highest during puberty).

    One German study by Lafuente, et al. found foot
    reflexology to be as helpful to patients with headaches as medication (flunarizine), yet foot reflexology was fraught with fewer side effects than medication. In a blind random trial, (Lafuente) "examined 32 patients between the ages of 15 and 57. There were 25 women and 7 men randomly assigned to two groups. One group was given a placebo and received reflexology treatments two times a week for two or three monthes, The other group received Flunarizin traterment ( a slecetive calcium entry blocker with calmodulin binding properties and histamine blocking activity that has been efective in preventing migraines) and massage of a non -specific area twice a week for 12 sessions. patients were evaluated at the end of the study and again three months after the study. It was concluded that the reflexology treatment was at least as effective as the Flunarizin treatment and may be clasifed as an alternative non-pharmacological therapeutic treatment that would be particularly appropriate to thsoe patiet\nts that were unable to follow pharmacological treatment."

    And a Chinese study found that even after one session of foot reflexology half of the 26 patients considered themselves symptom free.

    In 1997 a nation wide study in Denmark proved that 19% of headache sufferers ceased taking medication following reflexology work. According to a large nationwide research study undertaken in Denmark, reflexology treatment has a beneficial effect on patients suffering from migraine and tension headaches. 3 months after completing the reflexology treatments, the results were:

    • 16% had been cured;
    • 65% had reduced symptoms;
    • 19% reported that they had been able to stop all medication taken before the study.

    Palm Therapy could likely provide a likewise result for those people who frequently suffer on serious headaches and/or migraine.



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