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MAY 16, 2008

Saudi Battles Expat Crimewave
A Fingerprint system could have reduced the crime rate if adopted sooner.

Author: Lynne Roberts

Hand News from: Saudi Arabia

A fingerprint system for foreigners who leave or are deported from Saudi Arabia was introduced too late to prevent an expat crimewave, a report said on Tuesday.

The study undertaken by security experts for the kingdom’s interior minister revealed a substantial increase in crimes involving foreigners, reported UAE daily Gulf News.

“Had [the system] been implemented earlier, it would have been helpful in reducing the crime rate to a great extent and preventing the return of those with criminal backgrounds to the kingdom to engage in their illegal activities,” the report said.

Saudi fingerprint system

According to the report, the majority of crimes were drug-related, followed by theft, infiltration, alcohol use, visa forgery and ‘immoral act,’ Gulf news reported.

Mecca Province bore the brunt of crimes by expats, with 47.4%, followed by Riyadh, with 28%. Yemenis committed 21.09 % of all crimes by foreigners, followed by Pakistanis at 18.6% and Indians at 10.02%.



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