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Beyond the concept of Multi-Perspective Hand Reading one can explore the significance of specific hand signs. An overview of many fascinating hand signs is presented below - you might also use the HandResearch.com search tool (at the homepage) or use the brand new Hand Sign Tutor in order to find more info about these hand signs + info about many other hand signs!

(The hand signs listed below are also classified for 9 Hand Levels)

HB = Hand Behaviors | M = Motorics | HS = Hand Shapes | PS = Palm Shapes
FS = Finger Shapes | SQ = Skin Quality | FN = Fingernails | D = Dermatoglyphics | L = Lines

- A -
Air hand shape [HS]
Alien hand syndrome [HB]
Arachnodactyly [FS]
Arches [D]
Auspitz's sign [SQ]

- B -
Beau lines [FN]
Behaviors [HB]
Brittle nails [FN]
Broad palm [PS]

- C -
C-triradius missing
Clubbing [FN]
Cold hands [SQ]
Creases [L]
Cuticle [FN]

- D -
Dermatoglyphics [D]
Digit ratio (2D:4D) [FS]
Double-jointed thumbs [HB]
Double loops [D]

- E -
Earth hand shape [HS]
Elemental hand shape [HS]

- F -
Fate line [L]
Finger length [FS]
Fingernails [FN]
Fingerprints [D]
Finger Shapes [FS]
Fire hand shape [HS]

- G -
Growth [F]

- H -
Handedness [HB]
Hand behaviors [HB]
Hand biting
Hand index [HS]
Hand shape [HS]
Human digital formula [FS]
Hyperextensible finger joints [M]
Hypothenar whorl [D]

- I -

- J -

- K -
Koilonychia [FN]

- L -
Left handedness [HB]
Leukonychia [FN]
Life line [L]
Limited joint mobility [M]
Lindsay's nails [FN]
Lines [L]
Longitudinal ridge allign. [D]
Longpalm [PS]
Loops [D]
Lunula [FN]

- M -
Marriage line [L]
Mars line [L]
Metacarpal sign [PS]
Motor tics [M]

- N -
Nails [FN]
Nail clubbing [FN]
Nail fold [FN]
Nail moon [FN]
Nail pitting [FN]
Nail ridges [FN]
Narrow palm [PS]

- O -
Onycholysis [FN]
Onychomycosis [FN] Onychoschizia [FN]

- P -
Palmar creases [L]
Palmomental reflex [M]
Palm shape [PS]
Paronychia [FN]
Pinky finger [FS]
Pitting [FN]
Preacher's sign [FS]

- Q -
Quadrants [HS]

- R -
Radial loops [D]
Red lunulae/nail moons [FN]
Reflexes [M]
Ridges [F]

- S -
Short palm [PS]
Simian line [L]
Single interphalangeal crease [L]
Skin [SQ]
Spoon nails [FN]
Stars [L]
Sun line [L]
Sydney line [L]

- T -
Tapering fingers
Tented arches [D]
Terry's nails [FN]
Thumb [FS]
Tremors [M]
Tripe palms [SQ]

- U -
Ulnar border straight [PS]
Ulnar loops [D]

- V -

- W -
Water hand shape [HS]
Whorls [D]

- X -

- Y -
Yellow nails [FN]

- Z -
Zones [PS]

Be aware of the fundamental major principle where scientific hand reading begins:

"NOTICE: Keep in mind that every single hand sign always bares the potential
to have an association with multiple psychology- and/or health related themes;
a solid assessment always requires a consideration of hand sign combinations!"

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Hand Sign Tutor: find the most likely diagnostic
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Major hand reading signs for the 9 hand
levels in Multi-Perspective Hand Reading!

The individual hand reading signs listed above are ranked below once again according the 9 minor levels of the hand:


The following behavior related hand signs are listed above: behaviors, flapping, handedness, hand behaviors, hand flapping, left handedness & wagging.

Many of these hand behavior signs are described inside the article: Hand Behaviors in Mental Disorders!


The following motoric hand signs are listed above: motor tics, reflexes & tremors.

Many of these hand behavior signs are described inside the article: Primitive Reflexes of the Hand!

Level 3 - HAND SHAPE:

The following hand shape issues are listed above: air hand shape, earth hand shape, elemental hand shape, fire hand shape, quadrants & water hand shape.

Many of these hand shape signs are described inside the article: Hand Shape Assessment 2.0!

Level 4 - PALM SHAPE:

The following signs involving palm shape are listed above: hypothenar, long palm, mars, (positive) metacarpal sign, moon, short palm, thenar, ulnar border straight, venus & zones.


The following issues related to finger shape are listed above: apollo, digit ratio (2d:4d), ectrodactyly, finger length, index finger, jupiter, mercurius, middle finger, pinky finger, preacher's sign, ring finger, sun & thumb.

More news reports involving the fundamentals of fingers & related ratio are presented inside the sections: Thumbs & Finger News & 2D:4D Digit Ratio News.


The following issues involving skin quality are listed above: cold hands & tripe palms.

Many fascinating news reports related to the skin of the hand (beyond dermatoglyphics) are presented in the section: Hand news: hand, skin & hair reports!


The following fingernail signs are listed above: Beau lines, clubbing, growth, koilonychia, leukonychia, lunula / nail moon, onycholysis, onychomycosis, paronychia, pitting, ridges, spoon nails & yellow nails.

The diagnostic significance involving over 57+ nail signs is described by detail inside the Nail Tutor!


The following dermatoglyphic hand signs are listed above: arches, AtD-angle, fingerprints, hypothenar whorl, loops, radial loops, ridge count, ulnar loops & whorls.

More details involving the fingerprints are presented inside the section:
Fingerprints & Dermatoglyphics: Diagnostics beyond Identity!

Level 9 - LINES:

The following hand line signs are listed above: creases, distal transverse crease, head line, heart line, life line, mars line, palmar creases, proximal transverse crease, simian line, stars & Sydney line.

Quite a few other fundamental aspects involved with the lines are being discussed in the section:
The 3 Primary Hand Lines!

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