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Freda O'Brien, chirologist

Freda O'Brien ****

5 Element Chirologist (hand reader)
in Johannesburg, South-Africa [SA] South Africa flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Freda O'Brien:

"The Five Element Cheirology which I use requires first the establishment of data, both through appraisal of the live pair of hands and by the taking of handprints.

The analysis made is confirmed by research, then recorded on a pair of prints which have been mounted and this is completed by a Five Element Cheirological statement that provides constructive detail of the evidenced holistic trends.

To accompany this exclusive chart an Unger Lifeprints Code sheet has recently also been given to clients and forms a valid cross reference. The handreading session itself constitutes the tracing of Five Element features and the entertaining of the client's queries. Both the chart and soul data sheet are then taken away for further study. Subsequent optional telephonic follow- up consolidates the reading."

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Chirology consult & workshop (+ reiki & life alignment)


Facebook: Freda O'Brien
Tel: +27 82 221 9746



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