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Profile page: Brent Bruning, life purpose hand analyst in Horgen/Zürich [CH]


Brent Bruning, hand analyst

Brent Bruning *****

Hand Analyst - IIHA accredited
in Horgen/Zürich, Switzerland [CH] Switzerland flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Brent Bruning:

"I am a Master Hand Analyst certified from the International Institute of Hand Analysis.

I am a specialist in elemental energy, fingerprints and all line formations. With this I take you through a 1.5 hour journey to construct your personality from the ground up so you can fully realize the destiny you're on. Afterwards a brand new life and possibility will be clearly evident for you. See the testimonials for a before and after the session. The analysis is magical!"

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1,5 Hours Skype Hand Analysis

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Hand analysis reading (life purpose) & workshops


Facebook: Brent Bruning
LinkedIN: Brent Bruning
Phone: +41 76 571 7735


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Brent Brunning - the 500 hand project!

Switzerland flag - hand reading network June, 2014:
The 500 hand project!
Discover how much of your life really does show up in your hand by testing the world's best palm readers after we compare against the interview.

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