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Pascal Stössel, hand analyst

Pascal Stössel *******

Hand Analyst - IIHA accredited
in Zürich, Switzerland [CH] Switzerland flag - hand reading network

Recommendations by Pascal Stössel:

"What do I offer? I offer the Basic IIHA training that takes 4 days: LifePrints, Handshape, Heartline and 4th is the technique of reading. This is the ticket to pass into the yearlong IIHA course that takes 18 days. New in the pipeline is: the advanced IIHA class for 18 days + the IIHA master path, 18 days again."

"You can find more details about the courses at my website: HERE"

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Hand analysis reading (life purpose), course, , author & coaching


Telefon: +41 44 687 60 90, mobile: +41 78 809 18 30
Fax: +41 44 687 50 90


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