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Elemental hand shapes (= proportional hand shape)

{Finger length vs. palm size ratio: finger index = FL / [(PB+PL)/2]}

The concept involved with the 'elemental hand shape' finds origins in Asian philosophy (esotheric Buddhism); it represents a measure for the proportions of the hand shape. - Chinese folklore has also produced another system of elemental hand shapes, including: Earth - Fire - Water - Wood - Gold/Metal.

Hand index variations:

Water hand shape [finger index > 0,8925]
Air/Water hand shape [0,8675 < finger index < 0,8925]
Air hand shape [0,8425 < finger index < 0,8675]
Fire/Air hand shape [0,8175 < finger index < 0,8425]
Fire hand shape [0,7925 < finger index < 0,8175]
Earth/Fire hand shape [0,7675 < finger index < 0,7925]
Earth hand shape [finger index < 0,7675]

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NOTICE: Keep in mind that every single hand sign always bares the potential
to have an association with multiple psychology- and/or health related themes;
a solid assessment always requires a consideration of hand sign combinations!

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