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MAY 29, 2008

Your health is in your hands
How to give yourself a lower back massage

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Sit comfortably, with legs slightly apart. Place your palms either side of the sacrum (the lowest bit of the back), without pressing on the spine.

Rub your palms up and down vigorously for 30 seconds. Stop, keeping your warm palms on the sacrum, and breathe in and out three times. Repeat twice.

Place the fingers of both hands along both sides of the spine. Breathe in, pressing gently into the muscles, and make circles on your out-breath, concentrating on each sore spot. Continue pressing and circling for one minute, breathing evenly.

To increase pressure, form a fist and roll your knuckles along your lower back, starting from the sacrum and working up along the spine as high as is comfortable for you.

Roll your knuckles down towards your sacrum again and make slow firm circles over each buttock.

Health in your hands
Using the same movement, move to your hip muscles and make five circles with your knuckles. Finish by placing both your palms on the sacrum and breathing regularly three times.


  • Breathe properly - deeply and evenly. Think of your breathing as an internal massage for all your organs.
  • Stay silent; then you can switch off your mind and give it a chance to recharge.
  • Get the pressure right. Don't press too hard. If it hurts, you are probably pressing too hard or making movements too fast.
  • Find the right rhythm and speed - it's probably slower than you would expect. You need time to discover and work on all the kinks in your body.



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