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DECEMBER 1, 2008

Palm reader hosts 'speed dating'!
Myrna Lou Goldbaum introduces palm reading in a 'speed date' session.

Author: Scott Rochat

LONGMONT - As Myrna Lou Goldbaum - palmist & soul mate specialist - studied Kim Alsop's hand, the advice continued to come. An impression from the 'speed dating palm reading session':

"The only thing holding you back is you," Goldbaum said while the two talked in the comfortably-lit back room of the Bead Lounge, at 320 Main St. "So where do you go to meet someone?"

"I don't know," Alsop admitted.

"I've got some homework for you," Goldbaum said. As she began to outline the exercise, a man walked in. "Yay, Frank! You came back!" Goldbaum called out. "There's someone I'm going to introduce you to in just a moment."

Speed dating & palm reading connecting man & woman through their hands.

Palmist & soul mate specialist Myrna Lou Goldbaum during a speed dating palm reading session.

You could call it speed dating and you'd be half right. Friday night's session at the Bead Lounge was actually an attempt at psychic speed dating. The participants come in and chat with Myrna Lou Goldbaum as she does a quick palm reading. They may visit a pendulum diviner or a rune caster afterward, or get a quick chair massage to loosen up.

In between, they sit, chat and talk. And it's in those moments that Goldbaum has a chance to size up who fits with whom, or see which couples seem to have a strong "like-mindedness," and then introduce them.

"The first one of these I did, we had 36 people - 18 men and 18 women, which never happens," Goldbaum said with a smile. "Ten of those people, five couples, are still dating."

Longmont's "psychic dating" session is the third she has done to date and the first in her own hometown. Attendance was very light, though the people who did come seemed to enjoy themselves.

"I have an interest in a lot of this stuff," said Alsop, a Longmont real estate agent. "My mom does jewelry here, heard about it and brought me along. ... I was excited, very excited."

Mixed in with the talk of life lines and angels was some very down-to-earth advice. Alsop's homework assignment, for example, involved perusing the Sunday paper and writing down a list of things she'd always wanted to do - learn ice skating, for example, or stroll through Roosevelt Park - and then pick a couple to do, as a way to meet someone with similar interests.

But the mystic emphasis was impossible to miss. One moment, Goldbaum would be "reading someone's energy" in their hand, as she put it. The next, Deanna Gloyd would be passing a pendant over chart after chart to find a person's most-sought and least-sought qualities in a partner, all the while chatting with the participants and hearing their stories.

"It's a bit like being a bartender and a psychologist," Gloyd said. "You get to mix someone a cocktail of happiness."

Palmist Myrna Lou Goldbaum

MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM explained the background of the event in a response to the present article:

"I am known as the Soul Mate Specialist so I chose that niche to promote an event. I named it 'SINGLES SEEKING SOULMATES: PSYHIC SPEED DATING'. I have had 3 so far and 2 additional events like this one are scheduled."

More info about the event is available at Myrna Lou's blog:
Soul Mate Connections

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