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AUGUST 20, 2008

How can the future be in the Palm of your Hands?
'I want to know if reading palms can predict the future. How can something so inert like the lines of our hands have the capacity of precognition? Are our palms like the blueprint of our lives?'

Author: Jaime Licauco

MANILA, Philippines — Here’s an intriguing question from a doctor from Bacolod City: “I’m one of your avid readers and I’d like to share something that our office secretary revealed to us. Though I’m a doctor, I believe there are lots of things that conventional science can’t explain. I believe in the Third Eye (which fortunately is not developed in me) and the reality of elementals. Our department secretary (let’s call her Mary) is a daughter of one of the arbolaryos in the city famous for hilot and warding off spirits. On the first Friday (is there a connection?) of June 2008, Mary read our palms. And most of the things she read were true. I want to know if reading palms can predict the future. How can something so inert like the lines of our hands have the capacity of precognition? Are our palms like the blueprint of our lives?”

“Hoping to hear from you soon.”

Dear JJ,

Your question in your e-mail of June 10, 2008, is very interesting. It is something I have asked myself from the very start of my research into this field many years ago. How can something that has not yet occurred be already recorded somewhere? How can the lines in our palms tell the future? Even the akashic record, which is a record of things one has done in the past, can sometimes tell what is yet going to happen. How can this be?

The only possible explanation I can think of is as follows:

We live in a multidimensional reality. Before anything happens on the physical plane, it has already happened on the mental and spiritual planes. It is possible therefore for some future physical event to be seen on the higher plane because it already exists there.

“Okay, what about the lines in our palms? Or, say, the tarot card or akashic record?” you may ask. I think what happens here is that the reader uses the lines in the palms or the tarot card or akashic record, merely as a trigger mechanism for his subconscious mind to connect to the future. In other words, it is not the palm lines themselves but the psychic perception of the individual reader that tells him the future. The palm lines only act like psychic reference points or road maps for his subconscious to connect to the future events that will happen to that person.

They connect him to the subconscious of the person. And one’s subconscious mind is the repository of all knowledge, past, present and future.

Then Dr. JJ replied, clarifying what I said to him.

“Thank you for your reply. I think I understand what you mean. What you’re trying to say is that what is present may be already past in other dimensions, since time is not linear. And it’s not the lines that are the blueprints but the psychic interpretation of the one reading the lines is what’s important. This is probably why, given the same set of hand lines, there are lots of interpretations from different readers, some of them eerily close to home and some farfetched—probably because some are more attuned to reading the akashic record of one’s subconscious and others are just guessing.”

“Thank you so much for taking time in answering my question. Hope you come to Bacolod and conduct a seminar here.”

“You hit the nail right on the head, doctor!”

Source: How can the future be revealed in the palm of your hands?


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