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November 30, 2007

The Hand Analysts Network is growing!
Today counting 260 Hand Analysts (Palm readers & Hand readers) from 31 countries

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During the past six months the Hand Analyst Network has grown from 150 to 260 inclusions. This growth underlines the ambition to become a representative world-wide network for (professional) experts in the fields of Hand Analysis.

In English language the most popular synonyms for 'Hand Analysis' (Handanalysis) are:

Palm Reading / Palmistry / Chirology (Cheirology) / Chiromancy / Chirognomy.

The complete list of the new inclusions in 2007 is presented below:

December 27, 2007: +16 Cheirologists & Palmists from South Africa
December 24, 2007: +4 Palmistas & Quiromanticos from Peru
December 15, 2007: +3 Quiromantes & Palmistas from Spain
December 14, 2007: +5 Palmistas & Quirologos from Portugal
December 12, 2007: +16 Palmistas & Quiromantes from Argentina
December 10, 2007: +3 Palmists & Palm Readers from Sri Lanka
December 8, 2007: +9 Palmistas & Quiromantes from Brazil

November 30, 2007: +12 Palmists & Palm Readers from India
November 28, 2007: +43 Håndlæser & Kiromantiker from Denmark
November 15, 2007: +9 Palmists & Hand Readers from England
November 6, 2007: +4 Palmists & Palm Readers from Canada

From an international perspective the most frequently used SYNONYMS for Hand Analysis are:


English synonyms: Palmistry, Palm Reading, Handanalysis, Hand Analysis, Hand Reading, Handreading, Chiromancy, Cheiromancy, Chirology, Cheirology, Chirognomy, Cheirognomy, Cheirosophy, Onychomancy
Spanish synonyms: Leer las Manos, Leer la Mano, Lectura de Manos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia
Portequese synonyms: Ler Mãos, Ler Mão, Leitura de Mãos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia, Quiromante
French synonyms: Chiromancie, Cheiromancy, Chirologie, Chirologia


German synonyms: Handlesekunst, Handlesen, Handanalyse, Chiromantik, Chiromantie & Chirologie
Danish synonyms: Håndlæsning, Håndtydning, Kiromanti,
Dutch synonyms: Handlezen, Handlijnkunde, Handleeskunde, Handanalyse, Chirologie
Hungaryan synonyms: Kiromanteia, Tenyérjóslás
Italian synonyms: Chiromanzia, Cheiromanzia, Chirologia
Norwegian synonyms: Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti
Polish synonyms: Chiromancja, Chirologia
Rusian synonyms: Hiromantia, Hiromantika, Khiromantiya, Hiromantiya, Hiromanty
Swedish synonyms: Handanalys, Kiromantie





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