SEPTEMBER 24, 2008

Gift Markings in Your Hand!
At the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) a system of 'talent markers' in the hand is developed - they call the system: 'gift markings', or 'gift markers'.

Some advanced students of the Richard Unger IIHA institute have recently presented some basic introductions on how to recognize 'gift markings' in your hand (see the pictures below). The following info includes a basic summary of some interesting info presented by the IIHA Hand Analysts Pamelah Landers, Jena Griffiths, Peggie Arvidson and Baeth Davis.

Gift markings in the hand

Gift markings in the palm of your hand

The IIHA-system teachings included that the following hand features are 16 most important 'gift markings' (you can also find them in the pictures above):

• Gift marker 1. The Jupiter star (see point '1' in the LEFT picture above)
SUPER TALENT: Leadership, super achiever | SHADOW SIDE: president's wife syndrome

• Gift marker 2. The Saturn star (see point '2' in the RIGHT picture above)
SUPER TALENT: Wealth generator, the midas touch | SHADOW SIDE: can you do this for yourself?

• Gift marker 3. The Apollo star
SUPER TALENT: fame, big spotlight, fortune in the arts, creativity | SHADOW SIDE: apathy

• Gift marker 4. The Mercury star
SUPER TALENT: clever, special ingenuity | SHADOW SIDE: cluelessness

• Gift marker 5. The Moon star
SUPER TALENT: profound intuition, flashes of intuition | SHADOW SIDE: atagneatin, alienation

• Gift marker 6. The Neptune star
SUPER TALENT: master of deep emotions, deep understanding | SHADOW SIDE: stuck in the well

• Gift marker 7. The Venus star
SUPER TALENT: gift of joy and delight, love of life | SHADOW SIDE: wounded child, no fun

• Gift marker 8. The Mars star
SUPER TALENT: exceptional courage, no fear to be the underdog | SHADOW SIDE: anger/rage

• Gift marker 9. The third eye star (see point '9' in the RIGHT picture above)
SUPER TALENT: spiritual wisdom, psychic vision, seer | SHADOW SIDE: blindness

• Gift marker 10. Medical stigmata (see point '10' in the RIGHT picture above)
SUPER TALENT: gifted healer, personal growth consultant | SHADOW SIDE: intimacy breakdown

• Gift marker 11. Lines of genius
SUPER TALENT: gifted author, speaker, interpreter | SHADOW SIDE: going round in circles

• Gift marker 12. The Hal headline
SUPER TALENT: mega computer brain, multitasker | SHADOW SIDE: complicates life unnecessarily

• Gift marker 13. The Pure Heart
SUPER TALENT: unconditioned love, humanitarian | SHADOW SIDE: broken heart

• Gift marker 14. The Persephone headline
SUPER TALENT: holistic perception, spiritual guide, emotions expert | SHADOW SIDE: depression

• Gift marker 15. The simian line (see point '15' in the RIGHT picture above)
SUPER TALENT: intensity of focus | SHADOW SIDE: feeling misunderstood

• Gift marker 16. Line of clairvoyance (see point '16' in the RIGHT picture above)
SUPER TALENT: life teacher, constant intuition | SHADOW SIDE: disillusionment

Do you have 'gift markings' in your hand?

Other than fingerprints, 'gift markings' (or: 'gift markers') are considered as SUPER TALENT markers - which are the most important formations that can appear in anyone's hands. However, 'gift markings' also show rare abilities that may block your entire life if under-utilised or unrecognised!

Not everybody has 'gift marking' in their hands, however quite a lot of people have multiple 'gift markings'! Some comments & statistics presented by advanced Hand Analysis experts:

Pamelah Landers - Master Hand Analyst

• Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers has writen a book about 'gift markings' (including an E-book version). Pamelah writes on her website about 'gift markings':

"Approximately 35% of the population has a Gift Marking. There are 16 distinct Gift Markings, all line formations, that represent extra potential talent. Having the marking doesn't mean you are using it. It does mean you are wired for it. Not using it causes more challenges in life than for people without Gift Markings."

NOTICE: Pamela Landers explained that the 35% percentage relates to people who come for hand readings; she also stated that Richard Unger's estimate is that about 10% of people have one or more gift markings.

Jena Griffiths - IIHA Hand Analysis

• Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths writes on her website about 'gift markings':

"Gift markings indicate not only extraordinary talents but also where a person may be challenged or psychologically blocked."

Baeth Davis - The Hand Analyst from Tuckson

• Hand Analyst Baeth Davis writes on her website about 'gift markings':

"Not everybody's hands have gift markers; however, for whatever reason, the majority of people that I attract are highly gifted. In most cases, they have at least one gift marker; many have more than one gift marker."

• Hand Analyst Peggie Arvidson writes on her website about 'gift markings':

"In my experience I find gift markings in more than 90% of the hands I read. Granted I don't read the hands of the entire population, so it can be theorized that those with Gift markings and are suffering the penalty are more likely to have a professional hand analysis session."

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